Caring for your pet’s dogs

Your dog is a much loved and important member of your family.

it is essential that your dog is kept up to date with annual vaccinations. At the vaccination appointment they will also be given a full health check and advice given as to general health.

We strongly advise you keep up to date with parasite control, especially lungworm prevention.

In this section we will give you some advice on the more common conditions affecting your dog, and some information for you to consider.


Buying a Dog

Before deciding to get a dog, there are several issues which must be considered.


Why do you want a dog?

Finally and most importantly, can you afford the money to look after a dog properly – food and veterinary fees can amount to hundreds of pounds yearly.


Where to get your dog

Pups – Pedigree

Please make enquiries about the breed you are buying, as many breeds come with genetic ot inherited conditions, some of which can be screened for by reputable a breeder.

Just because a dog has family placed at Cruffs, it does not mean it will be a healthy dog necessarily, as show dogs are bred for looks not health.

Please please always see the mother and her pups together, do not accept stories as to way she isn’t around!

Do not, under any circumstance, arrange to meet the breeder in a car park somewhere between your home and their kennels and hand over your money in exchange for a puppy.

Many web-sites are selling puppies from puppy farms. Ask if you can have the pup checked by your veterinary surgeon with a money-back guarantee if returned within, say, 72 hours.


Adult Dogs and Pups – Crossbreeds

There are many people who breed first-cross puppies now, the above still applies.

If the place feels “wrong” it usually is!

There are many homing centres across the country, but please research you dog before taking it home, as it is unfair for it to be repeateably rehomed.

When you have finally made your choice, and bought your new pet, make an appointment with us in order to discuss vaccinations, feeding and any other matters where you may need help.

More information on breeds can be obtained on the Kennel Club website –