Euthanasia is always a difficult and emotional time.

We will always work with you to make sure that your expectations are met, and try to ensure this difficult time is as peaceful as it can be. Most pets are happy to have their owners with them whilst they are ‘put to sleep’ as this is often reassuring for them. The process involves an injection into a vein in the front leg, similar to a blood test or anaesthesia, and if pets are anxious we will often administer a sedative first.

We are happy for you to stay in the room for as long as you like to come to terms with this procedure, and will try to make it as peaceful as possible.

Some people prefer a house visit for euthanasia, and this can be arranged with some notice.

After saying goodbye to a pet the options available to pet owners are home burial or cremation. Surrey Pet Crematorium is our local company with sympathetic staff who we use to arrange your pets cremation. If we arrange cremation for you, you have the option of having the ashes returned to you or not. If you choose to have your pets ashes returned, you have the option of receiving them in a scatter box, which can be opened to scatter or bury the ashes, or a wooden casket if you prefer to keep the ashes. We will discuss all these options for you and make all the necessary arrangements on your behalf

For more information on Surrey Pet Crematorium and the services they offer please go to