Home Visits


At Blackberry Veterinary Clinic we will always perform home visits if requested to do so. We endeavor to provide the home visit on the day that it is requested but ask you to be patient with us when arranging a time for the visit as they are time consuming for us and to arrange a visit may require that we re-arrange or reschedule other appointments already scheduled at the practice. Most home visits will be preformed by a vet and a nurse. The cost of performing home visits are significantly more than the cost of treatment at the practice so please always request an estimate of cost when arranging a home visit.

When a home visit is requested we will always discuss the appropriateness of a home visit according to the level of care that we anticipate your pet may need. For example, home visits for a cat or dog in labour may not be in the best interests of mum and the babies because if an emergency caesarian is required valuable time may have been lost in the process of travelling to your home and the transporting of the patient back to the practice for surgery. Similarly trauma patients are best treated at the practice because the level of care and equipment we can offer.