New Client Information Pack

Welcome to our practice and thank you for choosing to entrust us with the care of your pets. We take this responsibilty extremely seriously and our promise to you is this:

We will treat you and your pets as if they were members of our family. We will stand by you in happy times and the sad times. We will always give you honest advice about your pets and communcate with you openly and transparently to help you make the best decisions for your pets’ welfare. Our constant endeavour is to provide the highest possible levels of clinical care and treatment at all times.



09h00 to 18h30 MONDAYS TO FRIDAYS

09h00 to 11h30 ON SATURDAYS

Surgical operations, procedures and dental treatments are scheduled every weekday usually between 11h30 and 16h00. Emergency operations and procedures will be performed at anytime according to the best interests of the patient.

Standard feesand charges as at 1st January 2017 (Please ask at reception for confirmation of the fees as they may be subject to change over time):

  • First consultation: £33.15
  • Second consultation £25.73
  • Third consultation £22.41
  • Bitch spays vary between £163.82 to £304.76 depending on the size of the patient
  • Dog castrations vary between £139.49 to £278.72 depending on the size of the patient.
  • Cat spay £67.60
  • Cat castrations £61.43
  • Rabbit spay £78.18
  • Rabbit castrations £60.56

We will always be available to discuss the cost of care for your pets and will provide written itemized estimates for treatments if requested. Medical and surgical cases can change and evolve very quickly so we will always keep you appraised of costs if treatments, and requirements change in the course of treating your pet.

Occasionally your pets’ needs will be best served by referral to a specialist. We will discuss all the options for treatment for each individual case and if referral to a specialist centre is the best option we will discuss the implications and logistics of that option with you in as much detail as possible. If referral is the agreed course of action we will arrange the referral as quickly as possible by liaising with the referral centre. In emergency cases we will do that immediately and in less urgent cases we contact the referral centre in the first instance and they will then contact you the same day or the next day to offer you an appointment at the most convenient and appropriate time for you.


Caring for your pets outside of normal working hours

Traditionally vets have worked during the day and been “on call” at night and over the weekends. This service has become more and more difficult to maintain as vets work longer and longer hours during the day and simply are not humanly capable of then also seeing all the out of hours emergency cases. This has led to the creation of out of hours emergency veterinary care clinics opening all over the counrty. These clinics are staffed by vets and nurses who have chosen to work at night and over the weekends and take their time off when the rest of us are at work. These dedicated out of hours clinics thereby provide vets and nurses who are well rested and the premises 24 hours a day to provide the highest level of care whenever it is needed. They will liaise with us when our clinic opens its doors the next day and then options to transfer your pets back to us or to continue their care at the emergency clinic if they are not stable enough to be moved. The decisions taken will always be in consultation with you and serve the best interests of your pet.

In the event that your pet suffers illness or injury outside of our normal opening hours, we have arranged for them to be cared for by The Veterinary Referral and Emergency Centre in Godstone. Their telephone number is 01883 744812 and their address is The Veterinary Referral Centre, Godstone Highway Depot, Oxted Road, Godstone, Surrey RH9 8BP. When you telephone us out of hours the answering machine will provide you with their name and telephone number.

The initial cost of having your pet seen at The Veterinary Referral Centre out of hours is:

  • Consult & OOH fee Combined (Cat/Dog/Rabbit) = Before 11pm £146.11
  • After 11pm £182.17
  • Consult & OOH fee Combined (Small Pet/Exotic) = Anytime £98.96


Information on the care of inpatients at Blackberry Veterinary Clinic

Most cases are treated at our practice as day cases and are discharged to go home the same day. If the situation arises that it would be in the best interests of your pet to continue their treatment overnight or over the weekend then we will discuss the options available to achieve that. The options are to transfer them to The Veterinary Referral and Emergency Centre for ongoing care and treatment out of hours or to manage them as inpatients at Blackberry Veterinary Clinic.

If they are transferred to the emergency clinic they will be attended by vets and nurses overnight and this means that critical or unstable patients can be closely monitored and treatments and options constantly adjusted according to their needs. If however they are very stable and do not require close monitoring and simply need to continue with for example intravenous fluids then we have the option of continuing the care at Blackberry Veterinary Clinic but this means they will be unattended for some of the time during their overnight stay. The vet in charge of the case will come in to the practice during the overnight period to check on inpatients. The frequency of these checks will be according to the patients needs and will be fully discussed with you. The choice of which option is best for you and your pet will be made after a full discussion of the case and the needs of your pet on a ‘case by case’ basis. The final choice will always be yours.


Practice complaints policy

Our constant aspiration is to always deliver exemplary care to you and your pets. If you ever feel that we have not lived up to your expectations in every way please contact us immediately to discuss your concerns so that we can rectify and resolve any concerns as quickly as possible. Please speak to the vet involved with the case in the first instance or if you would prefer to speak to Nico Maritz, the head vet and clinical director you can do so. If you telephone in the first instance Nico may not be able to come to the phone immediately i.e. he made be tied up in an operation or consultation but he will return your call that same day. An alternative would be to write a letter for Nico attention and he will respond to it on the same day that he has received it. Nico will fully discuss the case with you and do everything he can to provide an outcome that you are satisfied with.

For more information on our complaints procedure and or to follow our guide lines please go to Practice Complaints Procedure sub-headed under New Client Information Pack on the home page main menu.


Personal Information

All information pertaining to you and your pets will be maintained in the strictest confidence and no information will be divulged or shared with third parties (without your concent). Complete clinical records including laboratory tests and the results of diagnostic procedures will be maintained as part of each patients clinical records. Full copies of your pets’ clinical records are available to the owner of that pet on request.r