Diets, food and feeding

You are what you eat. It has long been an established fact that what we eat significantly impacts our health, quality of life and lifespan. This is equally ture for your pets, so we here at Blackberry Vets invest a lot of time and energy into discussing this aspect of care with pet owners.

As a practice we use and recommend Royal Canin diets, though we are able to order in any others if you so require.

We have an offer running with Royal Canin, if you buy 8 bags of food you get the 9th one free.

For several illnesses we will advise special prescription diets to help manage the condition.

This is especially important in long-term management of conditions like recurrent cystitis, bladder stones, kidney failure, irritable bowel syndrome, pancreatitis and allergy-related problems.

Feeding the appropriate diet can transform the quality of your pets life and significantly reduce the symptoms of common long term conditions so please ask any of your vets or nurses about any aspect of feeding your pets.

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