The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD)

We aim to promote and maintain the highest of standards of Veterinary care, giving peace and mind to our clients and are proud to be part of the Veterinary Medicines Directorate inspection scheme, applying with their rigorous standards for the welfare of our patients along with their requirements for the storage, dispensing and disposal of Veterinary Medicines.

About the Inspection

Pets should be treated as members of the family and owners rightly want to be sure they receive excellent medical treatment. But how can you be sure?

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate or VMD protects animal health, public health and the environment and is an executive agency sponsored by The Department For Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) a Government body.

Their objectives are for us to meet very high standards of animal welfare, and to protect public health.

The VMD controls how Veterinary medicines are made and distributed along with making, updating and enforcing UK legislation on Veterinary medicines.

We are inspected on a regular basis, and must meet their very high standards. Practices are also subject to spot-checks between inspection.